Fancy Black Collection

" Black is black, there is no hope" but not with Arche Bordeaux ! We ensure you a comfort and an incomparable class thanks to our comfortable shoes black and fancy shoes. This colour is essential in every wardrobe, both for you ladies and gentlemen! They ensure obriety, elegance and finesse. However, black is also a symbol of sadness and darkness. The Arche shoes have therefore decided to add a little madness to this colour by mixing it with several patterns! Arche Bordeaux has selected for you the flagship models from the "black and fantasy" collection. Find the Abo, Tydye, Fiori and Cobra skins.

Planche peausseries Printemps/Ete 2019 Chaussures Arche

Skinning Abo by Arche shoes

Abo Shoes by Arche Shoes Collection Black and Fancy

Find all our comfortable shoes with the Abo leather.

The Tbiola interlocker: a great interlocker that can be worn with pants, shorts or skirts! These shoes provide you with exceptional comfort due to their natural rubber sole and elastic on the top of the foot.

Discover the Tbiola model

The Dajac barefoot: a covering sandal that provides good protection for your feet during your summer walks! The strap on the back of the foot provides good support. It is the same with its latex sole which ensures comfort and grip.

Discover the Dajac model

The Onyx interlocker: a interlocker that will bring you flexibility with its stretch fabric and goes perfectly with all types of stockings: trousers, skirts... you will be seduced by the practicality of this model !

Discover the Onyx model

The Tinaka sandal: a sandal for the age of time! Its square finishes give this flanged sandal a unique touch. With a Japanese look, this sandal will be your best ally this summer.

Discover the Tinaka model

And to match your shoes to your accessories, Arche has thought of redesigning the Adily bag! Practical, it can be taken anywhere and for any occasion. Its 135cm hip is fully adjustable. It's up to you how you wear it! In a pocket, on the shoulder or carried on the shoulder

Discover the Adily bag

Tydye Shoe Skin by Arche Shoes

Tydye Shoes by Arche Shoes

Tydye leather is made of full grain white and black cowhide leather with sixties graphic motifs. This pattern is obtained by digital printing. Easy to clean, this leather will add a little fantasy to your daily outfits.

Discover all our Arche shoes with Tydye

skinsBreeza lace: Take a 60's look with Breeza shoes with black Tydye pattern. This lightweight lace-up shoe features a natural latex platform sole for exceptional comfort.

Discover the BREEZA MODEL

The Lilou boots: Choose an unlined summer boots that provides excellent comfort and protects you from summer weather. This arche boot is perfect for light and casual wear.

Discover the LILOU model

Fiori leather by Arche Shoes

Collection Noir et Fantaisie peausserie Fiori

Opt for an animal look with the Fiori leather by Arche Shoes !

The Lakeli sandal: this ballerina will certainly bring you exceptional comfort. You will feel free when walking in the city, in the countryside or on the beach. Light, discreet and elegant, it will dress your outfits to perfection!

Discover the LAKELI MODEL

The Sococo barefoot: this sandal mounted on a heel with a Japanese effect ensures you long hours of walking this summer! Its platform in the forefoot ensures that you can walk without any curvature. It is therefore the perfect model to extend your legs without causing your feet to suffer!

Discover the SOCO MODEL

The Satia sandal: an iconic Ark model! These sandals ensure an impeccable fit thanks to their bridle and elastics on the kick. In addition, its natural rubber sole promises a good grip on all types of soil. Enjoy the comfort and style of the Ark with this beautiful model.

Discover the SATIA model

Cobra leather from the summer 2019 collection Arche

Cobra leather collection Spring/Summer 2019 by Chaussures Arche

Opt for a patterned look with Cobra by Arche Shoes !

The Onange ballerina: The Onange ballerina: very trendy with its lateral cuts and English edges, the Onange ballerina will add a touch of originality to your summer outfits. Do not hesitate any more for your comfort! Choose Arche shoes.

Discover the ONANGE MODEL

The Soqueto barefoot: take a step forward with our Soqueto model. This barefoot is decorated with a pretty block sole with a Japanese effect will lengthen your pretty legs! Enjoy exceptional comfort due to its sole and front platform.

Discover the SOQUETO MODEL

The Vayana sandal: opt for originality with the Vayana model. Practical, modern and elegant, this barefoot provides you with a certain stability and a good arch. It will accompany you everywhere this summer so don't wait any longer.


The Satia barefoot: a model that offers a super support with its elasticated straps. Enjoy comfort and support as well as the Ark style with this beautiful iconic model!

Discover the SATIA model

The Palyze sandal: an all-terrain barefoot that will give you exceptional support thanks to the velcro on the back of the foot. Its natural rubber sole ensures grip on all types of floors!

Discover the PALYZE MODEL

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